Sébastien parent real estate broker

Sébastien’s background may surprise some. Prior to starting his career as a real estate broker, he worked at his parents’ restaurant, le Muffin Plus, and that’s probably why many Saint-Jean- sur-Richelieu residents feel like they’ve already met him before!

In 2006, the Parent family was forced to sell their restaurant. This led Sébastien to enroll in a real estate broker course, and he officially started his career in 2007.

Sébastien is a land broker with a sixth sense when it comes to deciphering the needs of his clients. In fact, he was ranked among the top three best real estate brokers in the first year of his career. In the second year, he was ranked among the top two.

Following this achievement, up until 2018, he was ranked as the top seller in Quebec, among several other major achievements. In June 2018, he purchased a vacant lot on one of Saint-Jean’s main roads, Rue Pierre-Caisse, where he would launch his brand new team.

In an effort to provide the very best service to his ever-growing clientele, he invited a number of professionals in the Real Estate sector to join him at “Carré Pierre-Caisse.” In addition to a real estate agency, his office now boasts a team of mortgage brokers and the services of a notary. Everything you need, under one roof!

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catherine caron real estate broker

Catherine has almost years of experience in the real estate brokerage sector. Nothing makes her happier than meeting the needs of her clients. In fact, her professional skills are fully invested in the needs of her clientele. Her determination, integrity, perseverance, and adaptability make her the perfect candidate to guide you through the various steps of a transaction. When you trust her with a project, you’re guaranteed to see results.

She’s also extremely involved in St-Jean’s business network as well as with the Chamber of Commerce. It would be tough to attend an event with her without running into someone she knows! For several years now, she’s been an active member of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu’s Lion’s Club, where she acted as president in 2016-2017.

Working with Catherine is both professional and fun!

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carol-ann bradette residential real estate broker

Early in her career, Carol-Ann acquired a great deal of work experience, rich with possibility, which steered her towards the real estate sector. She prides herself on her ability to put her knowledge, determination and work ethic to good use in order to provide her clients with the very best service. Her availability and attentiveness make her an invaluable resource for each of our clients.

Carol-Ann is reliable, meticulous, and committed to putting each of her files through a thorough follow-up process. She is extremely diligent when it comes to supporting our team of brokers on the road and helping our administrative assistants ensure all our client transactions are carried out successfully.

Efficient, perseverant, and passionate about her work, Carol-Ann knows how to prioritize tasks and manage her time in a way that allows her to maximize results.

Do you have a question about a transaction? Carol-Ann will reassure you with tact and diplomacy. She’s always well prepared and organized, and will definitely be able to help you with your project.

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Danny Bergeron courtier immobilier résidentiel

Danny has close to 20 years of experience in sales and harbours a true passion for real estate.

Thanks to his impressive listening skills, calm demeanour, professionalism, and knowledge of the real estate market, he inspires clients’ trust at every stage of the process.

Danny is not just a salesperson. He is meticulous, pays attention to the needs of his clients, and always takes care to give them a clear picture of the market.

Thanks to his impressive organization and communication skills, Danny will assist you every step of the way.

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Milena todaro Residential Real Estate Broker

An athlete since her early childhood, Milena acquired her discipline during her 10-year career as a national and international figure skating competitor. For the past 12 years since her competitive career ended, she continued to share her passion for the sport as a coach and choreographer for elite skaters and holds the National Coach NCCP 3 Coaching Accreditation.

She studied human relations at Concordia University and holds degrees in public relations and marketing strategy from McGill and Cornell universities, respectively. Milena has gained experience in marketing, content creation and project management within multinational companies. Always on the lookout for cultural, artistic and musical adventures and experiences, Milena loves to travel and now has more than 25 countries visited so far!

Choosing to collaborate with Milena for your real estate transactions is to receive a professional turnkey service. With her you'll have a warm and personalized connection but with a rigorous work method adapted to the modern world with access to the latest real estate, communication, social media and marketing technologies.

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Raphaël Richard Residential Real Estate Broker

Raphael, originally from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, is undoubtedly a jack of all trades! With a wealth of experience in customer service, he has always made a point of offering attentive and personalized assistance to his customers.

His organized nature allows him to effectively manage the challenges that present themselves to him: he is dedicated to every project he undertakes, investing time and energy to achieve results that meet his clients' expectations.

Holding a hot air balloon pilot's license, he has developed the ability to remain calm and in control when under pressure.

Raphael will therefore be an essential asset for your real estate success.

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Karyne Lussier adjointe administrative

Karyne joined Sébastien’s team in 2018. She has over 20 years of experience doing administration and accounting work in a variety of fields, and we feel lucky to have her.

Karyne is a jill-of-all-trades: it’s hard to summarize everything she does in a day since her tasks are so diverse! Known for her efficiency, she’s extremely responsive and starts working on requests right away.

Her laugh is contagious and clients appreciate her for her interpersonal skills and how fast she’s able to get things done; she always makes people feel right at ease.

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Isabelle Paquet adjointe administrative

Isabelle has more than 35 years of experience in sales and customer service. Sociable and generous, she is an avid team player and enjoys working with the public. In addition to being very attentive, Isabelle knows where to find the answer to any question. She is also skilled at reassuring clients and alleviating their concerns.

Isabelle works closely with our team of brokers, namely by supporting our administrative team at various stages of a transaction and by developing client portals to help with the purchase of a new property. Her thoroughness and professionalism are always highly valued.

Energetic and persistent, she loves taking on new challenges and seeing new projects through till the end. She is currently completing her real estate brokerage course, and will soon join our team of brokers. Thanks to her detailed, conscientious approach, she’s sure to help you find the gem you’ve been looking for.

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Rachel Diotte adjointe administrative

With more than 15 years of administration work under her belt, Rachel has acquired many skills in a variety of fields that help benefit our team in her role as our receptionist.

Always smiling and in a good mood, Rachel is the perfect person to greet you when you enter our offices. She will always make you feel welcome and at ease.   Thanks to her empathy, sunny disposition, and sense of humour, she provides all of our clients with exemplary service. 

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Émilie Pinard adjointe administrative

Émilie started her real estate career several years ago as an administrative assistant, which led her to completing a residential real estate diploma in 2022.

She joined our team in 2023, and handles requests to view our properties and follows up on promises to purchase. Émilie takes her role very seriously and brings a touch of lightness to her tasks. Her foresight and attention to detail allow her to be rigorous in her work and she likes to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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