Sébastien parent real estate broker

Sébastien’s background may surprise some. Prior to starting his career as a real estate broker, he worked at his parents’ restaurant, le Muffin Plus, and that’s probably why many Saint-Jean- sur-Richelieu residents feel like they’ve already met him before!

In 2006, the Parent family was forced to sell their restaurant. This led Sébastien to enroll in a real estate broker course, and he officially started his career in 2007.

Sébastien is a land broker with a sixth sense when it comes to deciphering the needs of his clients. In fact, he was ranked among the top three best real estate brokers in the first year of his career. In the second year, he was ranked among the top two.

Following this achievement, up until 2018, he was ranked as the top seller in Quebec, among several other major achievements. In June 2018, he purchased a vacant lot on one of Saint-Jean’s main roads, Rue Pierre-Caisse, where he would launch his brand new team.

In an effort to provide the very best service to his ever-growing clientele, he invited a number of professionals in the Real Estate sector to join him at “Carré Pierre-Caisse.” In addition to a real estate agency, his office now boasts a team of mortgage brokers and the services of a notary. Everything you need, under one roof!

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nathalie carrière real estate broker

You’ll never meet a real-estate broker as bubbly and cheerful as Nathalie.

She spent 17 years working in the emergency department at Hôpital du Haut Richelieu, where she cared for patients and prioritized their well-being.

She discovered the real estate profession in 2013. Client-oriented and experienced, she has all of the skills required to assist you in the sale or purchase of a property. She displays integrity, is reassuring, and really listens to her clients. Her success is most likely due to her excellent people skills.

People who know her agree that she is always full of enthusiasm and her smile is infectious. She also loves a good pun!

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catherine caron real estate broker

Catherine has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate brokerage sector. Nothing makes her happier than meeting the needs of her clients. In fact, her professional skills are fully invested in the needs of her clientele. Her determination, integrity, perseverance, and adaptability make her the perfect candidate to guide you through the various steps of a transaction. When you trust her with a project, you’re guaranteed to see results.

She’s also extremely involved in St-Jean’s business network as well as with the Chamber of Commerce. It would be tough to attend an event with her without running into someone she knows! For several years now, she’s been an active member of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu’s Lion’s Club, where she acted as president in 2016-2017.

Working with Catherine is both professional and fun!

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benoît guérin residential real estate broker

Benoit has over 30 years of experience in real estate, business, and customer service. He has worked as an entrepreneur, a building manager, and has experience flipping properties.

As a licensed general contractor in the residential, commercial, and institutional sectors, Benoit is extremely knowledgeable about the construction industry. This puts him in a good position to assist you and address your concerns prior to, during, and following your property purchase. Thanks to his advice and expertise, you’ll be supported every step of the way, whether you’re looking to buy or sell a property.

Benoit is a reliable person who really listens to his clients’ needs. He is also recognized for his excellent communication skills and team spirit.

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carol-ann bradette residential real estate broker

Early in her career, Carol-Ann acquired a great deal of work experience, rich with possibility, which steered her towards the real estate sector. She prides herself on her ability to put her knowledge, determination and work ethic to good use in order to provide her clients with the very best service. Her availability and attentiveness make her an invaluable resource for each of our clients.

Carol-Ann is reliable, meticulous, and committed to putting each of her files through a thorough follow-up process. She is extremely diligent when it comes to supporting our team of brokers on the road and helping our administrative assistants ensure all our client transactions are carried out successfully.

Efficient, perseverant, and passionate about her work, Carol-Ann knows how to prioritize tasks and manage her time in a way that allows her to maximize results.

Do you have a question about a transaction? Carol-Ann will reassure you with tact and diplomacy. She’s always well prepared and organized, and will definitely be able to help you with your project.

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